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Bed and Breakfast in munich!

General Business Terms

1. Generall

The offers of are private rooms, witch are not continuously available. A previous request is therefore essential.
The Bed and Breakfast rooms are basic and they have no bathroom. The apartments are mainly used privately and are therefore only intermittently available. They are fully equipped, newly renovated and very central located in Munich.
We take care, that the objects are in good condition and clean.

2. Booking/Prices

The agreed price can be transferred as part payment on our account or can be paid on arrival. Further details are regulated by email.
The prices are net prices and include no VAT. You will receive a receipt of the agreed price.


3.1 A withdrawal from the contract without the written consent of the landlord is generally not possible. (Exceptions may be detectable consequences of external force or events - see Section 3.2).

If no cancellation message is sent, the agreed price has to be payed. If the hosts agree to the cancellation, the tenant has to pay a cancellation fee according to the following list:

Cancellation fee:
Cancellation before arrival / cancellation fee
until the 30th day......................15 per cent
from 29th to 22th day................20 per cent
from 21th to 15th day................30 per cent
from 14th to 08th day................45 per cent
from 07th to 01th day................55 per cent
from the date of the intended journey begins..............75 per cent

3.2 In cases of serious illness, death, etc., the guest can cancel the booking. The guest must prove the exceptional case by presenting relevant documents.

The host can in cases of serious illness, damage of the property, etc. also cancel the reservation. He proposes to the guest in this exceptional case other comparable objects.

If the guest books another object in such a case, without consulting the host, then he is responsible for any costs.